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Your Wedding Speech

Guests crave speeches that break free from the boring monologues which are stitched together with mundane, long-winded tales, and recycled clichés. They long for injected originality.

Of course, I fully appreciate that no speech is the same and that each speaker is unique. 

What I offer is a fully bespoke service:


  • I arrange a meeting with you (online or in-person). This will be to discuss elements of your speech, get a sense of your personality, talk through the checklist and your wishes. 

  • Create a draft. I will create several drafts until I am happy with one to submit to you. 

  • Revise / Edit where and when appropriate, as requested. 

Note - typically, audiences tend to zone out after 10-minutes so speeches will be aimed at 7 - 9 minutes, depending on the context. 

Additional Service

Nervous or inexperienced speakers, I cannot give the speech for you (though, anything is possible!!).

But what I can offer is a workshop service.

Given my experience addressing rooms with engaging and persuasive narratives, I can work with you to build your confidence; give feedback and tips; and help you polish your speech for the big day. These workshops are typically 40 minutes long


Other Speeches / Presentations 

Of course, I offer a range of similar services. Please contact me for more detail.

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